A Prediction of The Alternate Cryptocurrency — IOTA For January 2021

A new and the biggest crypto bubble like we have seen in December 2017 is coming.

It's been three years since the big crypto hype. And, I feel like it is starting to happen again. As far as I can see, the same patterns started to appear in crypto.

Here is the IOTA price graph for November 2017 and 2020.

IOTA Prices at November 2017
IOTA Prices at November 2020

IOTA Price Prediction For January 2021

I believe that IOTA prices will show the same patterns as the 2017–18 hype.

When we look at the prices in January 2018, after 3 months from November 2017, we see the following graph:

Here we see that 1 IOTA is equal to 0,00025483 Bitcoin.

In my opinion, the Bitcoin and IOTA price rate will maintain themselves.

That is why, to predict the price of IOTA in January 2021, we need to calculate it by using Bitcoin prices.

BTC prices in between November 2017 and January 2018

We see that, the bitcoin prices changes from $4,000 to $19,000.

The approximate change rate is 5.

BTC prices at November 2020

When we look at the bitcoin price at the start of November 2020, we see that it has about $13,000 value.

In my perspective, the prices will go 5 times which will rise up to $65,000 until January 2020. ( Because of Bitcoin Halving in May 2020 )

Let’s now calculate the price of IOTA by using predicted BTC prices for January 2021.

1 IOTA = 65,000 * 0,00025483

1 IOTA = $16.56 (January 2021)

It is time to wait until January 2021, and see whether the prediction is correct.

I have no data to show you about my prediction but I feel like it will happen like this.

It is totally calculated from my perspective. No advice to invest.

Trainee Cyber Architect