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Computer Engineer— Works On File Systems & & Recommendation Systems

Recommendation Systems

How do Netflix Recommends Movies. Simple simulation using user based collaborative filtering with K nearest neighbors

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Recommending Movies With User Based CF

Programming Skills

Develop simple, scalable, easy to read and also easy to maintain programs by following simple Clean Code principles.

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Analizing CNN Hyper Parameter Search Results with Confusion Matrices for each search.

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Hyper-Parameter Searching

Android Database Connection

Connecting android project to a postgresql database using jdbc

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Ways to connect android to a database

  1. Using Web Services
  2. Using JDBC
  • Increased speed
  • High security
  • Lower power consumption
  • Easy monitoring of database requests


The upcoming Ethereum release Ethereum 2.0 — Serenity and its effects on market price.

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# Trading-Education

Analyzing Medium Statistics Series

Medium story statistics after starting to write in Medium Partner Program.

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Post Statistics


The path from the very beginning to the further high-quality programming practices.

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Best failure story


Makale yazmanın konuşma kadar etkili bir şekilde dili geliştirdiğini görmeye başladım.

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Observations of a cryptocurrency hodler

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The Hidden Connection

Bazı zamanlar vardır, kendi karanlık çağımız diye adlandırabileceğimiz.

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